Spocket Review: Is Dropshipping Easy With Spocket and Shopify?

A complete Spocket review for WooCommerce and Shopify. Learn how it compares to Oberlo and AliDropship. Get started with dropshipping right away.

If you have ever researched making money online, you’ve probably seen articles like this one in HuffPost on how one guy or a girl made a substantial amount of money in one month on the side doing dropshipping, while working a full-time corporate job. Perhaps it made you think about starting a dropshipping venture of your own.

There is no secret why a lot of entrepreneurs like to explore the world of dropshipping. It is cheap to start, you don’t need any inventory storing, management and the only upfront costs are the prices of a domain together with hosting.

In reality, everything is not that simple, because if you are doing everything on your own you need to find suppliers, manually fulfill orders, and count all of the product margins by hand. There would hardly be any time left for growing sales if you are working alone.

But there are a lot of great solutions to the problems mentioned above and one of them is Spocket, which I am going to review today. The application makes dropshipping admissible for one person. Spocket connects you directly to suppliers around the world, especially those in the US and EU, and allows to quickly import products to your Shopify or WooCommerce store.

The application makes dropshipping scalable as you don’t need any new storage facilities and allow suppliers to perform everything for you. This is the reason why it became so popular among online business people, as you don’t need much to start and a computer together with the internet connection is enough to run it. Want to learn more about it? Keep on reading the Spocket review.

What is Spocket?


You probably already deduced from the title that Spocket is a dropshipping app for eCommerce platforms. The app easily integrates with two major eCommerce platforms: Shopify and WooCommerce, and with just a few clicks of a button, you can open your free account on Spocket and start selling products from suppliers around the world right away. However, if you prefer selling on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram you can do that as well.

The main thing that sets Spocket aside from their competition is that they don’t solely focus on AliExpress dropshipping. Their main suppliers are mostly based in the United States, Europe, and Australia with some being from Asia.

You can easily find products to sell from Spocket as it has vast product offerings in different categories and different locations to decrease shipping times. To make sure that the product is suitable for you, Spocket provides a possibility to order samples for quality and shipping time inspection.

Let’s not forget to mention that the application is trusted by over 30 000 dropshippers and has a supportive Facebook group community with almost 30 000 members.

How Does Spocket Work?

spocket review

Spocket has collected a great database of high-quality products and print-on-demand goods for you from different suppliers around the globe. And as most of the dropshipping applications, it works in as much of a similar way with several differences.

It allows you to import products from their vast supplier network to your Shopify, WooCommerce, Facebook or any other online shop and whenever someone buys an item from you it automatically send the order to the supplier who then prepares the product and ships it to your customer in neutral packaging. Note that the packaging of every product in Spocket is neutral not to ruin your brand image and on top of that they even offer branded invoicing.

Spocket has an extensive supplier vetting system in place. It allows them to only have the highest-quality print-on-demand goods and products. There are three assessments that one needs to pass if the business wants to become a supplier on Spocket.

Firstly, they need to fill out an application form and assure that they meet all of the requirements such as neutral shipping packaging, shipping time rates and if they are capable of offering a 30-60% or sometimes a much larger discount for Spocket users on their products. Secondly, they perform an investigative supplier interview to make sure that they are legitimate. And finally, the Spocket team orders suppliers’ products to have the first-hand experience and evaluate if the applicant’s items and shipping times meet Spocket’s high-quality standards.

How to Set Up Spocket

You need to decide what eCommerce platform you are going to use with Spocket. You can either integrate it with Shopify or WooCommerce.

Create Spocket Account and Take a Tour Around

First of all, you will need to create a Spocket account. When you have done this, I recommend you to take a guided tour around Spocket which is provided for every user. It is a great way to understand all of the nitty-gritty aspects of Spocket.

Connect Your Store to the Application

You can either do it from Spocket or from the platforms itself. To connect your Shopify store go to your Spocket account’s dashboard menu select ‘My Shop’, choose Shopify and enter your store’s URL.

spocket eu & us dropshipping

To connect your WooCommerce store install Spocket plugin from the WordPress plugin marketplace, activate it, go to Settings > Spocket and paste your Spocket’s site ID which you can find in selecting ‘My Shop’ from the Spocket’s dashboard menu and selecting WooCommerce.

Search for Products for Your Store

spocket products

Just search for products you are looking to sell in the ‘Search Product’ tab. You can use various filters and text search to find the most suitable goods for your store. After you found an acceptable product press the ‘Add to Import List’ button. Don’t try to investigate the product thoroughly, for now, you can do it in later stages.

Don’t forget to check the ‘Shipping Time’ section of every item as some products might not be shipped worldwide or to your target location.

Import Products to Your Store

spocket product search

After you have chosen the products go to ‘Import List’ where you can perform a further examination of the products and decide if those items are suitable for your store.

In this tab, you can also edit product information such as name, description, images, tags, and category. When you have finished checking the product you can either remove it or push it to the store to be published right away.

Spocket Review: Features

The application has some notable features that make dropshipping easier and more enjoyable for any merchant. Not only does it makes resellers’ life less stressful by connecting them quickly with thousands of products from suppliers around the world, but it also brings features like automatic order fulfillment, integration with most notable eCommerce platforms and some more distinguishing features that you can read in-depth about below.

Free Trial

Spocket provides users with a 14-day trial of any plan and you get everything straight away which allows starting dropshipping as fast as possible. You can easily test it out for free for 14 days before deciding if it suits your business.

The Starter plan provides you with real-time inventory updates, email support, an unlimited amount of product orders, shipping tracking numbers for all orders and sample orders. 

Global Pricing Rules

Global pricing rules feature in Spocket allows you to quickly update pricing in bulk on yet to be imported products. It eliminates the need for manually setting the price for every product.

spocket default pricing

For example, you decided that you want to sell products for 1.5x of their price, you set that in the Global pricing rules section and every product from now that you import will cost 1.5x of its price. You can set markup types to be in a percentage, multiplier or just a flat rate form and also set different markups on different price ranges. Another useful feature is called “assign cents”, and it will make sure all of your prices will end using your chosen format, for example $0.99, or $0.00.

Fast Deliveries to US and EU

spocket dropshipping

Because more than 60% of Spocket suppliers are from the USA and Europe, shipping to the customers there is rather quick.

Premium items that are available with a paid plan are delivered in 4-7 days and all other items are delivered from 4 to 14 days depending on the shipping location (this is not including processing time that is dependant on the product, and can be anywhere from 1 to 5 days). Note how this differs from the usual +3 weeks’ time that Oberlo with AliDropship provides.

Branded Invoicing

Spocket provides you with branded invoicing where you can add your contact email, phone number and a personal note for your customer. With a paid plan you can also add your store’s logo.

spocket branded invoice

One thing to note is that not every item allows branded invoicing. Check for a warning below the item’s ‘return policy’ to see if the supplier accepts them.

Sample Product Ordering

Every professional dropshipper checks their product quality and delivery time before they start selling it. There is no better way to do it than to order the item to yourself.

spocket prodyct ordering

Spocket allows you to do it straight from your dashboard. When you find an item that you like just press ‘Order Samples’, choose preferred item amount, write a note to the supplier (if you want), pay the listing price and wait for the product to be delivered to you.

Neutral Packaging

It doesn’t look credible when an item that you ordered in one store comes with the branding of another store. To help dropshippers avoid this customer confusion, Spocket suppliers have agreed to send their products in neutral packaging. This positive action from suppliers allows your store to look more trustworthy.

Spocket Review: Shipping Prices

Every item has a different shipping cost and it mostly depends on the destination. The costs vary from $2 for shipping in the US to $15 for shipping worldwide. Also, sometimes shipment prices can increase due to an additional number of products but it mostly depends on the supplier. You should check every item individually before importing it.

No matter what eCommerce platform you use, you will need to set your shipment prices yourself because neither Shopify nor WooCommerce import them to their checkout systems. You can set the shipping costs on the platforms to differ according to product price range, weight or just set a flat rate.

However, a common practice is to set free shipping policy and add your shipping cost into your product prices. This sometimes positively plays with customers’ decision making and might give you an overall higher conversion rate.

Spocket Review: Competitors

If you ever tried figuring out the best ecommerce platform for dropshipping, you probably have heard of two of the biggest Spocket competitors AliDropship and Oberlo. Although, I wouldn’t call them direct ones because their supplier base is strictly from the AliExpress market which has suppliers mainly from China, Hong Kong, and Macao.

Spocket vs. Oberlo

The biggest advantage for Spocket over the Oberlo is that Spocket has independent suppliers around the world and they are not limited by AliExpress. Thus, they are capable of delivering branded invoices, neutral packaging and faster shipping times. Spocket can be integrated into WooCommerce and is not solely the Shopify app as Oberlo.

The benefits of Oberlo is that it has a free Starter plan and allows up to 500 product imports from AliExpress. But always remember that quality always triumphs over quantity and also there is nobody stopping you from using both at the same time on your shop.

AliDropship vs. Spocket

Spocket has all the same advantages over AliDropship the same way it has over Oberlo. However, AliDropship has a bit different set of disadvantages.

First of all, AliDropship is solely made for WooCommerce and is not suitable for Shopify. As mentioned before, Spocket works easily with both of them.

Another point might be either an advantage or a disadvantage depending on how you look at it. AliDropship has a significant one-time payment of $89 just for the plugin or one-time payment of $299 if you want a store together with a plugin to be developed for you. It might be a significant up-front investment for some compared to a $9/month Starter plan from Spocket. However, you can always use both of them the same way you can use Oberlo together with Spocket on Shopify.

Spocket Review: Pricing

Spocket is neither too expensive nor too cheap. You can afford a starter plan with one or two good dropshipping sales.

The Empire and Unicorn plans might look a bit expensive at first but when you reach such dropshipping heights that you start thinking about these plans, it will not seem so much. The amount of money won’t look that significant compared to ROI it can bring you. 

Spocket Pricing

Starter $19/month – This plan allows you to import up to 25 unique products, gives unlimited automated order processing, sample orders, and real-time inventory updates.

Basic $49/month – You get up to 250 unique product imports to your store, everything mentioned above plus branded invoicing, 25 premium products, global pricing rules, shipment tracking numbers, and currency exchange.

Empire $99/month – You receive everything above as well as limitations from unique products and premium products are removed.

Unicorn $299/month – You receive everything above as well as unlimited products and orders, a dedicated account executive, and product requests.

If you want to save money and you are determined to go for a long haul in dropshipping, you can pay for your chosen plan annually. Subscribing on an annual plan gives some great savings of up to 5 months of free Spocket, with prices of $33/month for Pro, $69/month for Empire, and $165/month for Unicorn. 

Is Spocket Worth it?

All things considered, Spocket dropshipping is a great solution for online retailers. It has a free trial and a cheap starter plan that is helpful if you are a newbie. It doesn’t restrict you from using other dropshipping applications in conjunction and everything is automated leaving you more time to focus on increasing your sales.

It is probably the best option, both in Shopify and WooCommerce, if you are looking to dropship or expand your dropshipping operations into the US and EU. Let’s not forget that the application has +4 star ratings on both platforms that include 4.7-star rating with over 1600 votes on Shopify so you can see that people trust the application.

So the final question should you consider using it? Totally, it has all the features to help you become efficient in dropshipping and sell as much as you can.



Spocket is a great choice for those just starting out and looking to dropship products from vetted suppliers. It's bulk price edit and 1-week delivery times for premium products makes it stand out from competition.


  • Works with Shopify and WooCommerce
  • Bulk product price edit
  • Vetted suppliers from US, UK
  • Neutral non-branded packaging
  • Premium items delivered in 7 days


  • No free tier plan, only 7-day trial
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