SendOwl Review: Sell Digital Products Online (2020)

Review of an eCommerce platform SendOwl, covering its unique content drip feature, as well as thorough comparison with their direct competitors.

When it comes to ecommerce, the market is saturated with options for physical goods. However, if you’re looking to sell your ebook, seminar, or audio files – you may be struggling to find an affordable solution.

What if I told you, you could have an online store up and running, with multi-lingual interfaces, extensive customization, and awesome selling tools for as little as $9 per month?

That’s right, SendOwl swooped in to save the digital goods from expensive, complicated and lengthy processes. With its state of the art checkout, user-friendly interface, and fast delivery – it’s the best way to sell digital online. In this SendOwl review, we’ll deep-dive into its famous features, pricing, and see how it measure up to its competitors. Keep reading to find out!

How to Set-Up SendOwl

SendOwl checkout

SendOwl is a shopping cart solution designed to simplify the selling and delivery of digital products. There are three ways how SendOwl works:

  • Social media – if you’re running an online business and don’t have a website, you can use SendOwl’s buy buttons to direct customers to a payment form and sell through social media.
  • Website – You can create a website with SendOwl or use one of the free tools like WordPress to create your own website. Once you have one up and running, add the SendOwl shopping cart to your site. SendOwl will provide the checkout, not the product listing pages. To get started, create an account, upload your product, price it, and then SendOwl will generate a code for you to paste into your website.
  • Shopify SendOwl – Some people have many products to sell, so they need an ecommerce driven site to run their business. SendOwl integrates with Shopify, the world’s leading ecommerce platform. Shopify lacks features for selling digital goods, but by combining it with SendOwl, users have a formidable combination to sell digital goods and run a powerful online store.

How to Use SendOwl

SendOwl how to use guide

Regardless how you choose to sell, you will need to upload your products to SendOwl to be able to sell them. Here’s a quick guide to uploading your products to SendOwl:

  1. Log in and head straight to the products section. Once there, hit the “Add products” button to begin uploading.
  2. Select your product type as “digital product,” unless you’re uploading “drip content” or other.
  3. Add basic product info, like name, price, and press “Create a product.”
  4. You can start selling your product right away, but to get the best results you should add photos.
  5. Head over to the “Sales details page” to add more details about your product and upload images.
  6. Decide if you want an affiliate program and if you do, decide on the product commission percentage.
  7. Run a quick check to make sure all is in order and hit publish.

SendOwl Review: Features

When it comes to selling digital products online, only a handful of platforms have cracked the code to success. SendOwl seems to have a pretty tight grip on it, with features designed for the modern shopping experience. Here are SendOwl’s best features for selling digital products online:

SendOwl Feview: The State of the Art Checkout Experience

SendOwl review: the state of the art checkout experience

Focusing on streamlining and improving the shopping experience, SendOwl spent a lot of time developing their checkout system. Using simple tweak such as providing returning customers with a Quick Sell link, sellers can see an increase in sales and conversions. This is because the link bypasses the whole shopping cart experience and customers go from browsing to paying in seconds.

The checkout page takes minutes to configure, and it uses on-site checkout overlays to make the checkout fit the design of your site.

SendOwl Review: It’s Made For Selling

sendowl analytics income summary

In addition to the conversion-optimized checkout, SendOwl is packed with excellent features to boost sales.

There are awesome marketing tools like the advanced mailing list integration, which allows sellers to automatically add shoppers’ email addresses to their mailing lists on MailChimp and others. This makes growing your database and sales easier than ever.

You can also use their upselling tools to increase your revenue. There are pre-checkout, post-payment upsells and abandoned cart reminders to draw shoppers back to your website.

sendowl-marketing tab

Additionally, you can easily run and track promotions in one place. Whether you want to target individual customers or give everyone a discount, you can use SendOwl to limit their redemption period, product or spend amount.

You can also keep customers up-to-date with the SendOwl custom emails feature. Sellers can easily edit, amend and update any update email sent out to customers, to ensure only the most positive shopping experience.

SendOwl Bundles

This feature lets you create SendOwl bundles, where you can put similar or complementary products into groups to generate more sales. This is another great opportunity to upsell and cross-sell your products, to boost sales or brand awareness.

SendOwl Affiliates

As mentioned above, you can opt for an affiliate program, which can work on behalf of you to sell your products. All you need to do is decide on your commission rates, and enroll the team of people wanting to sell your products in your dashboard. Affiliate marketing systems are usually complex, but SendOwl has created a simple system, where you set up a commission-fee and let marketers do their job. This is an excellent way to boost sales, even if they take a cut from you.

SendOwl Review: Secure and Fast Delivery

SendOwl review: secure and fast delivery

SendOwl shipping times are nearly real-time. Of course, SendOwl doesn’t really ship anything but instead pulls the trigger when the payment for your product is received. The platform has worked hard to ensure that product delivery is fast and easy, and they achieved that.

All of the products are stored securely by SendOwl, so you don’t need to rent expensive server equipment, setup file delivery system or constantly monitor that everything just works. SendOwl will do all of this for you. And so once the sale is made, you can release the products to customers via a timed link or via a link with a limited number of downloads. You can also set up your video content to be streamed, instead of simply being available for downloaded.

When it comes to protecting your files, with the SendOwl pdf stamping, you have another layer of protection. All files are prestamped with the customer’s details, which prevents them from giving away or reselling your content as their own.

SendOwl Review: Memberships, Drip, and Subscriptions

SendOwl review: memberships, drip, and subscriptions

The greatest thing about SendOwl is that it lets users decide how they wish to sell: single product sale, subscription or drip content. SendOwl integrates with WishList allowing users to create memberships to give customers access to closed forums, carefully curated content and more.

They also allow sellers to set up subscriptions, which can give sellers a little peace of mind when it comes to generating sales. For a monthly fee, sellers can provide customers with access to new content, or their entire content collection.

Last but not least, SendOwl has the drip functionality which lets you release content gradually over time, instead of all at once. You can choose how often you want to release content, and keep your customer hooked. Best of all, the feature is available for all types of product – just a single product, subscription or SendOwl bundle products.

SendOwl Review: Payments

Sellers can rest easy knowing that SendOwl accepts a large variety of payments. From PayPal to Apple Pay and even BitCoin – they can make it happen. All you need to do is set up your payment options at the start, and you’re ready to roll.

SendOwl Pricing

SendOwl pricing

When it comes to subscription fees, SendOwl is one of the most budget-friendly options on the market. You can test their solution out for free, with a 30-day free trial. The cheapest plan starts from $9 per month and plans can go up to $39 per month, which is the most budget-friendly option on the market. So here’s what you get for your hard-earned cash:

  • Basic $9: 10 products, limited customization, 1GB of storage.
  • Standard $15: 30 products, PDF stamping, affiliates, customization, 3 GB of storage.
  • Premium $24: 100 products, PDF stamping, affiliates, 1 subscription, upsells, 5GB of storage data, video streaming, cart abandonment and more.
  • Business $39: 250 products, 3 subscriptions, upsells, affiliates, customization, cart abandonment, video streaming, PDF stamping, 15 GB of storage, and more.

Monthly fees could be lower and you choose to self-host, but bear in mind that you’ll end up paying for hosting somewhere else. It might be best to get it all under one roof, so then you can be sure you’ve got enough bandwidth for the store. It’s also worth mentioning, SendOwl doesn’t charge any commissions or transaction fees, unlike other platforms. Therefore the revenue you make with SendOwl is completely yours.

SendOwl vs. SamCart

SamCart vs. SendOwl

SendOwl is great, but how does it measure up to other players in the industry? In this short review, we’ll take a look at SamCart vs. SendOwl to identify which is the better choice.

SamCart is another shopping cart designed to boost sales and conversions. It’s easy to use, offers single product sales and supports subscriptions. The platform offers great selling tools like upsells, bump offers, and a powerful built-in affiliate system. All the great SendOwl features can be found here. What SamCart can’t do, and where SendOwl excels at, is multi-lingual interface support, Apple Pay and cryptocurrency payments.

Another big difference is that SamCart is quite expensive. There’s a free trial, but then the cheapest plan is $49 per month and can plans go up to $199 per month.

SendOwl vs. Gumroad

Gumroad is the go-to place for artists, writers, and bloggers to put their works and skills up for sale. It’s not just a marketplace for selling their work, but also to host their services.

Like SendOwl, Gumroad has a list of great features. It can easily produce license keys to sell software, has a basic built-in affiliate system, customizable and clean checkout pages, upsells, coupons, and discounts. In addition to selling tools, users can host videos, set up subscriptions, memberships and create gated content. Most significantly, it offers a free plan, and SendOwl doesn’t. However, Gumroad has limited payment gateways, poorly documented knowledge base, and no A/B testing.

SendOwl vs. Sellfy

Sellfy is yet another ecommerce platform for selling digital products. Like SendOwl it works as a website builder or a shopping cart that integrates with other websites. It’s a truly global platform, as it accepts payments in all major currencies. Compared to SendOwl, Sellfy falls short in the payment gateway area, as it only accepts payments via PayPal or Stripe. Among the great marketing tools, Sellfy allows sellers to tempt customers with free content. The Sellfy buy button integrates anywhere, even Instagram, which can help boost sales. It’s roughly the same price as SendOwl but has fewer affordable options. The starting price is $29 per month, and the trial is only for 14 days, whereas SendOwl offers 30.


All in all, you can find similar or sometimes even better features somewhere else. But what SendOwl has that the others don’t is the conversion-optimized shopping experience. If you’re still not convinced, here’s a comprehensive review of the top ecommerce platforms for digital goods. Check it out for peace of mind, and for guidance to find the best solution for you.

Is SendOwl worth the praise? Yes, it’s an awesome platform, with powerful features for a superb price. If you’re starting out, you can start with the Basic plan for $9 per month, and then upgrade as your business grows to gain access to more features. That’s the best part, SendOwl grows with you, so you don’t need to uproot your business when you outgrow your plan. It can be difficult to start with, but they have great resources on their website and quick video tutorials on YouTube. Arm yourself with knowledge, and you’ll be running a thriving business with SendOwl in no time.


SendOwl Review

Is SendOwl worth the praise? Yes, it’s an awesome platform, with powerful features for a superb price. It can be difficult to start with, but they have great resources on their website and quick video tutorials on YouTube. Arm yourself with knowledge, and you’ll be running a thriving business with SendOwl in no time.


  • Builtin an affiliate system
  • No transaction fees
  • Multi-lingual interface
  • Pre & post checkout upsells


  • No free plan
  • Can be confusing to use if self-hosting
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