AliDropship Review: Best Dropshipping on WordPress? (2020)

A thorough review of the AliDropship WordPress dropshipping extension. Everything from its features, pricing, to comparison with competitors.

Dropshipping is often associated with big profits, zero investment – the perfect business model. It’s not entirely the case though – like any successful business, it takes a lot of time and effort to get your dropshipping business to thrive.

But sometimes you come across tools and plugins that make that process far easier. AliDropship is one of those tools, which has surprised and delighted dropshippers around the world. 

In this AliDropship review, we’ll dive into the features users should look out for and how the plugin measures up against other platforms on the market.

Promising to provide users 100% control over their stores, best profit margins, and unlimited products for the same small yearly fee – AliDropship sounds like the best-kept secret in the dropshipping circles.

Let’s find out if it lives up to the hype.  

What is AliDropship Plugin?

What is AliDropship The AliDropship plugin is a WordPress extension or add-on, helps to streamline (or add) a dropshipping component to your WordPress store. The plugin allows access to thousands of products on AliExpress and comes with many powerful features across the board: from automation to marketing, to management and everything else in between.

Is AliDropship Part of Alibaba?

AliDropship is a plugin working exclusively with AliExpress, which is part of the Alibaba group. At the same time, AliDropship is owned by Sunshine Digital Marketing LLC and AliDropship makes it clear that while they’ve worked extensively with Alibaba group to “create the best AliDropship plugin,” the Chinese giant doesn’t own it.

Alidropship Review

Alidropship reviews There’s a handful of great features that come with the AliDropship plugin, and some may even argue that the custom-built store is also a feature. In any case, we’ll dive into both, with a focus on the plugin features on offer. First of all, the seamless integration with WordPress is ideal for anyone looking to streamline their dropshipping business. There’s no need to tinker with codes, or get the developers involved — users can add dropshipping to their store with a single click.

AliDropship Automates Everything

alidropship plugin Almost everything is automated on AliDropship, from fulfilling orders to pricing, to searching and importing products. This is great for many reasons: sellers don’t have time to worry about these things, especially when it comes to searching for products on AliExpress. These features help AliDropship compete with the likes of Oberlo and Dropified on the dropshipping scene. Let’s dig deeper into these automation features:
  • Search and import products: use smart filters to find the exact products you’re looking for.
  • ePacket shipping: find products that ship faster and for free, with the ePacket shipping filter.
  • Pricing automation: use the advanced markup feature, which helps to apply prices to all your products automatically.
  • Auto order fulfillment: confirm orders with a single-click and AliExpress will take care of the rest.
  • Auto tracking: the plugin checks the status of your order and sends tracking information to your customers.

AliDropship Customization: products, themes and more

alidropship website examples When it comes to customization, AliDropship makes sure that every area is covered. You can find AliDropship themes that are designed for the plugin and are easy to design, customize of swap. There are options to edit product information, and even the images before you import them to your store. Using the handy Image Editor, you can make changes to the product images you import from AliExpress within your WordPress dashboard. The plugin also has no limit on the number of products you can sell in your store and offers a wide variety of products and suppliers to choose from. This way, users can have 100% control over the look and feel of their store, even when they’re using already provided content.

AliDropship Marketing: ready to find, capture and convert visitors

AliDropship marketing The marketing features may look basic, but they are the must-haves for any ecommerce platform. Often, these features are missed by other providers, but AliDropship makes sure users have all the tools they need to create, run, and grow their business. Users can take advantage of the built-in discount codes to run promotions on their store, boost their ranking with SEO optimized product title tags, and build their email list by collecting emails from visitors and paying customers. There’s also an abandoned cart feature built-in, which will follow up with shoppers that didn’t complete their purchase.

AliDropship Add-Ons: Countdown timers, Google Merchant, Facebook Shop and more

In addition to the built-in features, WordPress and AliDropship work well with a number of extensions. From marketing tools such as the countdown timer, designed to spark the fear of missing out, to Google Merchant, which gets your products in front of shoppers on the Google Shopping page. No matter what you need, there’s a handy plugin that will fill the need.

AliDropship Management: one plugin for all your needs

AliDropship customization Last but not least, the AliDropship plugin comes with great management features. Users can closely monitor their inventory in one place. The auto product update prevents any sales of out of stock items, and sellers can track traffic, sales, inventory using the AliDropship dashboard. There’s also a chance to earn up to 12% cashback on each purchase, on top of your dropshipping revenue. There are over 20 payment gateways to choose from, including PayPal, Stripe, PayU and many more. All in all, the management of your dropshipping business with AliDropship is easier than anywhere else.

AliDropship Dashboardalidropship dashboard

We took a deep dive into AliDropship plugin on WordPress while reviewing it. As you can see first of all in the dashboard AliDropship shows the stats from your store, such as how many orders have you received today, your revenue, published products. traffic, and sales report. This clear analytics will provide you with a quick insight into the overall performance of your e-commerce business.
alidropship products
If you are comfortable with the WordPress dashboard, you will surely master Alidropship quickly as everything is almost the same. The “Products” tab really reminds me of the “Posts” tab in WordPress, you can press on a product and get product editing page you can do filtering, bulk actions as well as everything else that allows you to quickly find and edit what you need.
alidropship orders
In the orders tab, you can obviously see all the orders. You can perform filtering on them by date, payment status, and fulfillment situation. Several really useful options are bulk email exporting, it exports all emails from orders and you can later use them for marketing purposes, and bulk order exporting to your computer. This feature is really useful for accounting, clipping them to your monthly, quarterly or yearly reporting as well as performing data manipulation for future business strategy.

AliDropship Pricing

Unfortunately, and surprisingly, AliDropship doesn’t offer a free trial. You can see a demo, but you do not have the option to take the AliDropship plugin for a ride before you commit to paying the full $89. It’s a one-off fee, which gives users access to all of the features and more discussed above. It doesn’t include any hosting or domain fees. If you’re serious about running a dropshipping business – AliDropship is a great option, as it’s the most affordable option out there. The competition charges a monthly fee, that quickly adds up.

How to Start AliDropship?

How to start AliDropship Getting started with Alidropship is simple and easy. Considering you’ve done your market research, found your niche and are ready to start putting that to work, there’s plenty of resource on the AliDropship Knowledge Base website to help you. Assuming you are opting for the AliDropship plugin, here’s 10 steps to dropshipping with AliDropship:
  1. Buy the AliDropship plugin.
  2. Get your domain and hosting (you may buy hosting with the AliDropship plugin, which is optimized for all your dropshipping needs).
  3. Install the AliDropship plugin with a single click on WordPress.
  4. Customize your website theme to make sure it’s compatible with the AliDropship plugin (only WordPress built-in themes are compatible).
  5. Set up your price formula: in the AliDropship settings, set your desired price formula, and it can be applied to all your products automatically. It could be x2, x3 or x4 the price you pay, or you can simply choose “Add recommended” if you’re not sure.
  6. Set up your payment gateways: PayPal, Stripe or other.
  7. Activate your license using the license key you received with your plugin.
  8. Install the AliDropship Chrome extension to be able to import products to your store.
  9. Find products manually or with the help of plugin, which pulls all the best selling products from AliExpress.
  10. Import products to your store, edit descriptions and publish to sell.

AliDropship Custom Store Review

AliDropship custom store review The AliDropship plugin is exclusive to WordPress; however, there is an option to buy a custom store which comes with AliDropship capabilities. This is ideal for those who are less tech-savvy and do not want to get bogged down by developers talk. There are three different packages at different price points to choose from, and the more you pay, the more you get for your money. But this is how it works:
  • Choose the package that best fits your needs
  • Place an order for a custom store design
  • A personal manager will contact you to start building your store
  • The team builds a premium dropship store for you
  • You’re ready to begin importing products and selling right away
The plans start from $299 per year and go all the way up to $899, and that’s not including hosting costs. Users will get niche research, custom domain, custom and mobile responsive designs, AliExpress cashback, and the AliDropship plugin with all plans. Is it worth it? Yes and no. The money you end up paying is not for the actual features, because you can get access to those for $89 if you go with the AliDropship plugin. You’re actually paying for the service of someone building your store for you. If you have no digital knowledge and will end up hiring a developer to create the website for you anyway, might as well let the AliDropship experts do that for you. However, if you have the skills, just go with the plugin. It’s far more cost-effective and gives you far more control over the look and feel of your store.  

Aliplugin vs. AliDropship

Aliplugin vs. AliDropship Aliplugin is not for dropshipping businesses but rather aimed at those who want to make money through an AliExpress affiliate program. The Aliplugin will populate your WordPress store with products from AliExpress, but once the customer clicks to buy, they will be taken to the AliExpress website to complete the purchase. If the customers complete the purchase, then you will receive a percentage of that sale. The profit margins are small, and there are conversion issues to think about, but this could be another excellent business idea that doesn’t require a significant up-front investment. However, with AliDropship you have the luxury of creating your own store, set your own profit margins, and know exactly how much you’re selling and making. Sure, Aliplugin removes the customer service aspect, but that also limits your profits. If you wish to create a brand, then AliDropship is definitely the better option here.

AliDropship vs. Woodropship

WooDropship is a dropshipping for WooCommerce, which allows sellers to import and sell products from AliExpress. Like AliDropship it automates orders and pricing and offers three monthly subscription plans. The plans start from $14 per month and can go up to $49 per month. Of course the more you pay, the more features you unlock. For example, with the starter plan, you can import 3000 products, with the most expensive plan you can import 60 000 products. With AliDropship you can import an unlimited amount of products. WooDropship offers a free 7-day trial, which is ideal if you want to test the waters before you make up your mind, especially because AliDropship doesn’t. WooDropship may be a more attractive choice for beginners, as the starting off price much lower and less intimidating. However, WooCommerce lacks the marketing, management and automation features that AliDropship has. It’s not just about products when it comes to dropshipping; it’s also about the tools you need to market and sell them.

AliDropship vs. Oberlo


Oberlo is the superstar dropshipping provider for an ecommerce store on Shopify. It makes the product import and order fulfillment a breeze, and it’s super user-friendly. Oberlo offers great customer support, CRM integrations, and order tracking. It’s got awesome features, great customer support, and direct access to AliExpress. What’s not to like?


Oberlo offers a 30-day free trial and then a starter plan is free for up to 500 products. Paid plans cost between US $29.90 and US $79.90 per month.


  • Find and import products
  • Order fulfilment and automation
  • Product customisation
  • 24/7 support
  • Product inventory management

Is AliDropship Legit?

So is the AliDropship plugin worth the hype? Yes. It comes with an incredible entourage of features, designed to help create, run, and grow your dropshipping business. From the seamless integration to the thoughtful pricing automation, there are features to help those with the least amount of digital experience. The direct access to thousands of products on AliExpress and the 100% control over your store and site is an appealing bid for the number one stop in the dropshipping race. Sure, there’s no trial, but you don’t need one. Because as soon as you start dropshipping with AliDropship, you’ll never want to switch.


The AliDropship plugin is a WordPress extension or add-on, helps to streamline (or add) a dropshipping component to your WordPress store. The plugin allows access to thousands of products on AliExpress and comes with many powerful features across the board: from automation, to marketing, to management and everything else in between.


  • No monthly costs
  • 100% ownership over your store
  • Unlimited products


  • No trial
  • Hosting fees not included
  • Only works with limited number of WordPress themes
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