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How to Sell Jewelry Online: 5 Best Ecommerce Platforms for 2020

How to sell jewelry online? Choose from one of five hand-picked ecommerce platforms specifically evaluated for compatibility for selling jewelry.

Selling jewelry online is one of the best ways to make money. It’s a product that’s always in demand, in fact, 29 million people buy jewelry online every day.

So whether you’re a designer who handcrafts intricate pieces or a treasure hunter with an eye for sparkle — there’s never been a better time to get yourself an online store.

Lucky for you, there are many apps, marketplaces and ecommerce platforms at the ready to help you make your products shine.

To help you decide how to sell jewelry online, we’ve narrowed down the list of the best platforms to sell jewelry online, based on the following features:

  • Price comparison
  • Stylish, aesthetic storefronts
  • M-commerce support
  • Product customization
  • No/low commission
  • Reviews/testimonials
  • Auction pricing
  • Customer support service for buyers

And found the top 5 platforms for selling jewelery online. Whether you’re looking to resell pieces that no longer spark you joy or want to make your bespoke designs shine, we’ve got a solution for your down below.

The go-to place for bespoke jewelry pieces, Etsy is naturally the most straightforward way to sell hand-made jewelry.

What we love
All you need to set it up is an email and 5 minutes to spare. Sellers can access and control their store on the go via a mobile app, easily communicate with consumers, and access great customer support. Sellers have access to a large built-in marketplace, can easily apply discounts, and integrate with various other platforms.

The downside
The platform charges multiple transaction and listing fees. There are no customization options and very limited shop personalization. Also lacks marketing and selling tools.

Etsy is free to set up, but there are extra costs: a $0.20 listing fee, plus an additional 3.5% commission and PayPal transaction fee.

The powerful combo is the best self-hosted option for entrepreneurs looking to expand their reach and grow their income.

What we love
It’s no secret that Shopify has the best customer support, is beginner-friendly, and has a vast library of extensions and plugins. Other great features are built-in templates for selling jewelery, frictionless checkout, pre-order, m-commerce support, reviews and testimonials. The integration with Wanelo can bring 3-6 times more sales, and put your product in front of millions of customers.

The downside
There are limited payment gateways that also incur transaction fees, and any other extensions or plugin will result in additional costs.

Wanelo is free to install, but additional charges apply. Shopify offers a 14-day free trial, and then the cheapest plan is $29 per month.

This budget-friendly full-service platform is an excellent option for small sellers. With great features and stylish designs, this is an ideal place to make your products shine.

What we love
Set up your store in minutes, with the easy to use website builder and customizable themes. There are also many prominent business features like inventory management, custom orders, offline commerce integrations, and CRM tools. The customer support is excellent, and there are no transaction fees.

The downside
It’s a great option for small businesses but prepare for higher fees as your business grows.

BigCommerce offers 3 plans ranging from $29 to $250 per month, and a 15-day free trial.

This second-hand marketplace is an ideal option for sellers looking to find new homes for their luxury pre-owned pieces. With a straightforward authentication process, it’s the best option for resellers.

What we love
There’s a built-in marketplace and 2 safe ways to sell your pieces – either by listing the item yourself or using their concierge service that takes care of everything for you. All items are authenticated and valued, which adds an extra layer of security for both — sellers and buyers.

The downside
The selling process can be slow and take a while, while the platform also takes a 15% cut for each sale. Sales can only take place within the built-in marketplace, which limits your reach.  

Listing is free, but there’s an 18-20% commission charge for each item sold.

This may sound like an unusual choice, but eBay is the best option for auctions. With a large consumer base at your disposal — it’s one of the quickest ways to make money online.

What we love
The platform allows sellers to list up to 50 items for free, and there’s a large active user base to tap into. Sellers can easily contact buyers, compare prices, and auction off their precious gemstones to make a good profit. You can create quick sales with “buy-it-now” buttons, and for an extra fee you can build a personal store on the platform.

The downside
There’s little to no customization unless you choose to pay extra, auctions can be intimidating, and there’s very little control over your own listing. There are also steep commission fees.

There’s a 10% commission charge per sale, and subscription fees for a store start from $19.99 a month. The first 50 listings are free, any additional listing after that is $0.30


There’s no right or wrong way to sell jewelry online, just the right fit for your business. Let your target audience inform you where you should set up shop. Luxury items will sell quicker where there’s added security, and bespoke pieces thrive in marketplaces. With that in mind and the options above, you have everything you need to start making money online. Good luck!

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